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Partner - spouse visa


Advancements in electronic communication and the easy accessibility of international travel has made the world a smaller place. A recent industry survey has found that Australia has made the top three in terms of countries that people would move to for employment and lifestyle changes.

Transcontinental friendships tend to blossom into romantic liaisons, often culminating in matrimony. With the GFC and the ensuing dilemma as to where to live and bring up children, prospective immigrants set their sights on the LUCKY COUNTRY.

An Australian citizen, Permanent Resident and NZ citizens who are special category visa holders, can sponsor their partner for a visa to live in Australia.

Sponsor Requirements:

The sponsor must be either:

  • An Australian citizen
  • An Australian Permanent Resident
  • A NZ citizen who is a special category visa holder.

Partner Requirements:

The partner can be the spouse;

  • Spouse or de facto spouse of at least 12 months

Should you intend to get married in Australia, and you meet the Sponsor requirements but fall short of the partner requirements, the Prospective Marriage Visa is an option. This stipulates that you get married within 9 months of arriving in Australia and the cost is the same as applies for a Partner visa in Australia.

Other Dependants

Only a partner can be included in a Partner Visa application. Children who require a visa to live in Australia will need to apply for a Child Visa.

Applying for a Partner Visa

When applying for a Partner visa, you are effectively applying for a Temporary visa and a Permanent visa simultaneously. It is one form and one application charge.

In course of the application process, you will be required to provide evidence that your relationship is lawful, genuine, and continuing.

An interview may be arranged with immigration officials, although this may not occur.

If successful, you will generally be granted the temporary visa ; after 2 years, the Department will contact you to ascertain that the relationship is still continuing and genuine. If satisfied, the Dept. Will grant you a Permanent visa to remain in Australia.

You can apply for a partner visa in Australia or overseas. The processing time is usually between 6 months to over a year, for a temporary visa application.

A Child visa costs the same as the partner visa. Should there be Siblings applying for a Child visa together, then there is only one Application charge.

Assistance preparing the application

Partner Visas are paper based applications; hence a significant amount of evidence is required to prove that the relationship is genuine and continuing. An application needs to manifest that as a couple you have a mutual commitment to a shared life together, to the exclusion of all others. You also need to demonstrate that you live together or not apart permanently.

In the process of deciding whether to grant the Visa, the case officer will take into account the following aspects of a relationship - finances nature of the household, social aspects and the couple's commitment to the relationship.

As RMAs we understand both the law and the Department's policy apropos the partner visa consideration. Therefore we can give you invaluable advice and assistance in the preparation of you application.