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Parent visa


"To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping" (Chinese proverb)

After settling in their new abode in Australia, migrants invariably miss their near and dear ones. Although modern electronic devices have somewhat assuaged the pain of separation, the tyranny of distance and prolonged absence makes the heart grow even fonder. Hence there is an insatiable desire to be reunited with families. Grandparents pine for their children & grandchildren.

There are 6 visa classes under the parent category:

  • Parent (migrant)
  • Aged parent (residence)
  • Contributory parent (migrant)
  • Contributory parent (temporary)
  • Contributory aged parent (residence)
  • Contributory aged parent (temporary)

Selecting the right category depends on timeframe, costs, age and other factors.

In order to sponsor a parent, while the sponsor must be a permanent resident who is settled, the parent must meet the Balance of Family test to be eligible to apply. Furthermore, all applicants must meet the health criteria. As parents get older, this can pose a problem: necessitating careful assessment at the application stage.

The waiting time varies, depending on the visa: from 17 years to two years for the Contributory Parent visa. Thus It's hardly surprising that 'to jump the queue' the Contributory Parent categories stipulate a large 2nd visa application charge and a ten year bond (financial security).