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Business Skills Visas


The Business skills visa program is for individuals, partnerships, private or public companies with a proven track record in the successful operation of a business enterprise or active involvement at a senior level in the hierarchy of a corporation. These visas involve a two-step process:

  • Provisional visa first, and after two years' monitoring of the business activity,
  • Permanent residency; the second stage granted when the eligibility criterion is satisfied.

The main ingredients for an applicant for a business visa include:

  • A proven track record in business
  • Meeting minimum turnover requirements for qualifying businesses.
  • Meeting asset requirements.
  • Meeting age limits

State Sponsorship

State sponsorship for business visas have lower limits for turnover, net and total assets. The age limit for a state sponsored business visa is relaxed to 55. In the absence of sponsorship, applicants must be below 45 years. A detailed application, a viable business plan and comprehension of the requirements of state and territory sponsorship are essential for success.

If you are contemplating setting up a business in Australia, it is a good idea to first apply for a temporary business skills visa to enter Australia and work towards researching your plan of action.

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