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Located in the heart of Melbourne, Cathay Ind Immigration Consultancy & Denouement, has over the past 8 years provided specialist Immigration advice and full case management to an eclectic clientele: individuals and businesses, both locally and overseas.

Situated as we are in the hub of Melbourne's Legal precinct, with easy accessibility to trains, trams and busses. Private and off street parking is available within a stone's throw of our office. Thus making our location one of the most convenient situations in Melbourne.

Over the years we have established an enviable reputation for 457 Business Migration, Partner visas, Student visas, Carer visas and last but not the least Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, otherwise known as RSMS visas. We are justifiably proud of our record in assisting countless clients from all walks of life with advice and visa applications, resulting in permanent residency and temporary migration which includes:


The Elephant & The Dragon


"And, therefore, that after Ind and after Cathay the Emperor of Persia is the greatest lord"

-Sir John Mandeville, in the Travels of Sir John Mandeville

Cathay is the Anglicised version of "CATAI" an alternative name for China, which was the original moniker given to northern China by Marco Polo, who described Cathay as an enormous empire, ruled over by a divine Emperor.

Travels in the LAND OF KUBILAI KHAN by Marco Polo has a story called: 'The Road to Cathay'. In English, the word Cathay was sometimes used for China, albeit only in a poetic sense, until the 19th century when it was completely replaced by "China." A person from Cathay (i.e. a Chinese) was also written in English as a Cathayan.

IND is an abbreviation for India. This is derived from the river Indus, which was so named by the Greeks. The Indus River (Urdu: Sindh; Sanskrit and Hindi Sindhu: Persian: Hindu: Tibetan: Sengge Chu "Lion River"; Chinese: Yindu is the longest and one of the most important rivers on the Indian subcontinent. The Indus Valley Civilisation (c 1330 - 1700 BC) was spawned in this region. This was an ancient riverine civilization that flourished in the Indus and Ghaggar-Hakra river valleys in what is now Pakistan and north western India.